2nd Sammy tour, 1st on the East Coast.

Well the cross country band idea turns out to be… not to bad. Last fall we did a little western Canada tour and recorded our debut cd. Now it is mixed and mastered thanks to Keith’s skillful ear and keen musical sense. So now we have begun our East Coast tour quite excited (well Cj and I are excited… Keith doesn’t get excited) about being able to offer some music for folks to take home. We are trying something a bit new this time. We have not printed cd’s we have printed magnets with download codes. So far this novel idea has agreed with our listeners at the two venues we performed at.

The first was Plan B in Moncton NB. This was a laid back little bar  with a kind hearted bartender and music loving regulars. The audience interaction was heartwarming.

The second was a new place in Maitland NS only 1 year old. The crowd in Bing’s Eatery and Social Club started calling friends and telling them about the music as we started playing to get them to come out join the party. Quite the compliment I thought. The food was amazing and the owner, a true music lover, made us feel quite at home.

Tonight we are back on the island and are headed to The Dunk in Breadelbane PE. I have heard wonderful things about this venue and cannot wait to see what tonight has in store.

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