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Electric Eclectics Impresses

Article & Photo © Stephen Vance, 2009 (To read my Meaford Express article about the festival, Click Here Or better yet, go out & buy the paper!)

“The hills were indeed alive with the sound of music…and noise producing bicycles…and theremin pendulums …and just about any other object capable of producing sound, at the 4th annualElectric Eclectics Festival held at The Funny Farm on Scotch Mountain outside of Meaford this weekend….

My personal favourite act was a Toronto duo called “Antler“. I had met the members- Vanessa Hanson & Colleen Costello earlier in the day as they relaxed in the camping area, and when they hit the stage I was blown away.

With a simple set up of a 6 string banjo, and a couple of drums, combined with some fantastic song writing, these two put on a very enjoyable performance. Once they pulled out an African Thumb Piano though, I was sold. I have one of these nifty little instruments at home. It hangs on the wall with my 3 guitars, and over top of my sons acoustic guitar, and electric drum set. I have always loved the sound that comes from it, and my children love that they can make their own beautiful music with it.

Combine the thumb piano with using a wooden box as both a stool and a quasi bass drum, and you have yourself a unique musical experience.

I liked them enough that I bought one of their CD’s, and I haven’t stopped listening to it. That is one of the wonderful things about attending a festival such as this. You don’t need to like everything you see and hear, but chances are something will appeal to you, and presto, you have uncovered a personal gem to take away from the entire experience ….”

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