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Sammy tour details for Fall 2013 in eastern Canada

sammy band winter picnic

Sep 23, 2013: Grumpy’s bar
9:30 pm
1242 Bishop Street
Montreal, QC H3G 1S6
(514) 866-9010
Sep 24, 2013: The Celtic Fox
7:00 PM
Woodstock, NB, CA
37 Clark St, Woodstock, New Brunswick E7N 1A5
(506) 328-6207
Sep 25, 2013: Plan B
9:00 pm
Moncton, NB, CA
212 St. George St. , Moncton, New Brunswick E1C 1V7
(506) 384-2019
Sep 26, 2013: The Company House
2202 Gottingen Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CA
A night you don’t want to miss, featuring the amazing Toronto indie-rock outfit The Cheap Speakers, along with This Ship, Adam Mowery and the amazing Sammy!
Doors at 8:30pm
Music at 9pm
Sep 27, 2013:Bing’s Eatery & Socialhouse
6:30 pm
Maitland, NS, CA
8913 Hwy 215, Maitland, Nova Scotia B0N1T0
902-261-3287 (EATS)
Sep 30, 2013:Baba’s Lounge
9:30 pm
Charlottetown, PE, CA
81 University Avenue, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island C1A 4L1
(902) 892-7377
Oct 2, 2013: James Joyce Irish Pub
8:00 pm
Fredericton, NB, CA
659 Queen Street, Fredericton, New Brunswick E3B 5A6
(506) 450-9820
Oct 3, 2013: Avant Grande Bar
Ottawa, ON, CA
135½ Besserer St.
Oct 5, 2013: The May
Analogue to Digital
9:00 pm featuring:
blueVenus - Alternative Pop/Rock with Jazz and Latin influences
Sammy - The Official Toronto CD release performance!
Tricky Mouse - Music by computers, for computers.
DJ Chrisal1n - Electronologue Acoustifunk
87 Dundas West
Toronto, ON, CA

An Ellen Carol CD review

Review of Buttercup Hamsterjuice
Reviewer: Peter Harris

“…’Kissing on bridges’ could be an apt metaphor for listening to the Ellen Carol. It was Heraclitus who said, one ‘could not step into the same river twice.’ Every time I play these songs I hear something new. Tone, melody, lyric can all make you feel as though you know this woman. But listen again and it’s a whole different girl. Love in transition. Everything travels. Nothing can stay. Like a kiss on a bridge, it ends when you wish it would go on, it wrenches your heart and haunts you for a long time after… I don’t know what’s up with the album title…”

Colleen Costello: 8th Annual Program: Alt. Country Song IMA Finalist

A finalist for her song “Lavender and Sweet” in the Alternative Country Music category.




“Fresh as a carrot out of the ground – hose-washed, sweet and gritty – Colleen Costello is that kind of natural. Playing childlike (but serious as a heart attack if that’s the way it’s gotta be) with voice, geetar, keys, and drums; a love…love…love of sound in all its shapes and sizes…nooks, crannies, what have you… love… in this soundtrack for living, breathing (screaming!), this scope of experience…all wrapped up (neat and purdy) in this love…love-ly soundtrack…this sonic scope… sonic boom! Yes. Yeah” .. .. ..

Shawn Sage, Musician

Keith Greene is a force of Nature

THE FEMINISTS-“Can’t Scream Loud Enough”

January 6, 2008 by ekko in Indie

“… Mr. Grief is clearly the star. What he lacks in technical skill he makes up for in passion and unusual choices of pitch and melody, sometimes stepping on a beat a little too late—as if he’s following the music rather than leading it, and often singing slightly above-key. The best example of this is “How to Kill a Country,” the most interesting track on the album and the most unusual pop song I’ve heard in quite some time. It wavers somewhere between Warren Zevon and the kind of 90s alt-jam rock made popular by bands like Jellyfish and School of Fish.

And then there’s “Because Why.” For the life of me, I can’t understand why this wasn’t the single. It’s amazing. It deserves extensive radio play. And your money  …”

Review of the last record by “The Feminists” of Vancouver


“… As the lead songwriter, Grief obviously had the most substantial role in choosing the style of The Feminists. What resulted was a form of angst-ridden, eclectically presented indie-rock that Grief found to be familiar with his past musical history. Prior to the formation of The Feminists, Grief had been involved with a variety of local projects since the early ’90s, serving as a key member in alternative bands like The Goodtime Clubsters, Hunter Gracchus, and Vegas in the Name. Shortly after the duo got things rolling, drummer Mike Zobac joined the band and invited his friend and bassist, Ferdy Belland, to complete the rhythm section. Before the initiation, Belland was an entrepreneur of sorts. Among many other occupations, he was previously an indie record store owner, a journalist, the assistant manager of a bar, and a street festival director. All self-professed “music snobs”, the four members show no hesitation for demonstrating their love of all musical genres. From jazz to blues and classical to indie-rock, the four-piece holds enough past experience to accompany an orchestra.


Can’t Scream Loud Enough marks the band’s third full-length effort. Their debut album, Anything You Can Do, dropped in 2004 and their sophomore effort, She Could Be, was released the following year. Proudly labeled as one of the best active Vancouver-based bands by a variety of critics, The Feminists envision their third effort as their most confident and harmonically engaging yet …”

Antler Plays Electric Eclectic Festival


Electric Eclectics Impresses

Article & Photo © Stephen Vance, 2009 (To read my Meaford Express article about the festival, Click Here Or better yet, go out & buy the paper!)

“The hills were indeed alive with the sound of music…and noise producing bicycles…and theremin pendulums …and just about any other object capable of producing sound, at the 4th annualElectric Eclectics Festival held at The Funny Farm on Scotch Mountain outside of Meaford this weekend….

My personal favourite act was a Toronto duo called “Antler“. I had met the members- Vanessa Hanson & Colleen Costello earlier in the day as they relaxed in the camping area, and when they hit the stage I was blown away.

With a simple set up of a 6 string banjo, and a couple of drums, combined with some fantastic song writing, these two put on a very enjoyable performance. Once they pulled out an African Thumb Piano though, I was sold. I have one of these nifty little instruments at home. It hangs on the wall with my 3 guitars, and over top of my sons acoustic guitar, and electric drum set. I have always loved the sound that comes from it, and my children love that they can make their own beautiful music with it.

Combine the thumb piano with using a wooden box as both a stool and a quasi bass drum, and you have yourself a unique musical experience.

I liked them enough that I bought one of their CD’s, and I haven’t stopped listening to it. That is one of the wonderful things about attending a festival such as this. You don’t need to like everything you see and hear, but chances are something will appeal to you, and presto, you have uncovered a personal gem to take away from the entire experience ….”

Colleen of Antler finally gets outdoors

The Electric-Eclectics Festival

July 31 – August 2
The Funny Farm (near Meaford, Ontario)

What do Corpusse, Antler, Holy Fuck and I Can Put My Arm Back On,You Can’t – all have in common? They will all appear at EEF! This will be the fourth year of Electric Eclectics, an annual festival featuring three days of all-ages camping, music and installations. Tickets are $35 for a day pass and $65 for a weekend pass.

Whether you want to drive up to the Meaford area for one evening or camp for three days, one thing is certain. This is an experience you will never forget! For information and tickets please visit their website. Torontonians looking for tickets can also visit Soundscapes on College and Rotate This on Queen Street West.


Taffy’s Twilight in Toronto

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Beautiful music, beautiful people at Eight Bar for final Taffy show

“It was an admixture of great music, good friends, good music and great friends at Eight Bar in downtown TO last night to bid adieu, at least officially, to the Taffy duo of Colleen Costello and Ellen Carol. 
Colleen is moving to B.C. in September and while the two talented ladies may well continue to work on things together online (they already did that when Colleen moved to Hamilton Ontario for a few months) future live Taffy shows will be few and far between.



The girls had a three different bass players sit in with them, including Mitch Girio, who was the player of record for most of the night and did both of the first two sets. (See pic at right).


Jenn Wilson was also in the house and sat in for a couple of tunes (see pic left) as did Gerry LeBlanc (sorry no photo, I missed it!).
We’ll miss you Colleen (that’s her below) but our loss is B.C.’s gain fer sure! “


Taffy in Toronto

“Yum, Taffy! Even if you don’t like the sticky confection, I guarantee you’ll love the duo that goes by that name: Ellen Carol and Colleen Costello, each an adventurous, delightful songwriter in her own right and together a fun-filled flurry of merriment.

It’s interesting how Ellen and Colleen trade off instruments throughout a typical set, with one playing guitar and doing lead vocals while the other adds backup harmonies and percussion. Although each has their own distinctive songwriting style, they’ve developed a rapport that blends together their individual sensibilities into something unique. And fun!”

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