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Music, money & creativity in the age of the internet!

Can’t say that I’m familiar with Amanda Palmer’s music, but I find her approach to getting paid for it interesting.

We’ve been struggling a little with that these days. As one of the members of our band who is also known as Tricky Mouse was recently asked for licensing information regarding some songs being placed in film. Having been previously burned before by a publishing/licensing company and having recently delved into software and internet art “creative commons” licensing and how effective and creatively dynamic it can be, we find ourselves with more questions than answers… but exciting questions!!!

What, if anything, should we be selling? Historically it was never the physical copies of the music that made a musician money, it was the touring, the t-shirts, the Victorian Age sugar daddies… Some interesting insights all over the place. downloading music?

We will keep you posted!

Sun, art, music, a view of the lake & organic red wine

Can’t ask for too much more in a gig! One of the more unique festivals as there is a “hobbit” house built underground with a fire inside you can sit around. From the top it just looks like the grass is smoking. Later there is dj dancing in the pyramid surrounded by kegs of wine waiting to age. I am happily getting my first real sunburn of the year and anticipating an awesome show at 10 pm when the sun sets and the energy rises.


Music Touring in the 21st Century

cartoon of the band Sammy on tour

are we there yet?