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THE FEMINISTS-“Can’t Scream Loud Enough”

January 6, 2008 by ekko in Indie

“… Mr. Grief is clearly the star. What he lacks in technical skill he makes up for in passion and unusual choices of pitch and melody, sometimes stepping on a beat a little too late—as if he’s following the music rather than leading it, and often singing slightly above-key. The best example of this is “How to Kill a Country,” the most interesting track on the album and the most unusual pop song I’ve heard in quite some time. It wavers somewhere between Warren Zevon and the kind of 90s alt-jam rock made popular by bands like Jellyfish and School of Fish.

And then there’s “Because Why.” For the life of me, I can’t understand why this wasn’t the single. It’s amazing. It deserves extensive radio play. And your money  …”

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