Review of the last record by “The Feminists” of Vancouver


“… As the lead songwriter, Grief obviously had the most substantial role in choosing the style of The Feminists. What resulted was a form of angst-ridden, eclectically presented indie-rock that Grief found to be familiar with his past musical history. Prior to the formation of The Feminists, Grief had been involved with a variety of local projects since the early ’90s, serving as a key member in alternative bands like The Goodtime Clubsters, Hunter Gracchus, and Vegas in the Name. Shortly after the duo got things rolling, drummer Mike Zobac joined the band and invited his friend and bassist, Ferdy Belland, to complete the rhythm section. Before the initiation, Belland was an entrepreneur of sorts. Among many other occupations, he was previously an indie record store owner, a journalist, the assistant manager of a bar, and a street festival director. All self-professed “music snobs”, the four members show no hesitation for demonstrating their love of all musical genres. From jazz to blues and classical to indie-rock, the four-piece holds enough past experience to accompany an orchestra.


Can’t Scream Loud Enough marks the band’s third full-length effort. Their debut album, Anything You Can Do, dropped in 2004 and their sophomore effort, She Could Be, was released the following year. Proudly labeled as one of the best active Vancouver-based bands by a variety of critics, The Feminists envision their third effort as their most confident and harmonically engaging yet …”

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