The Members of Sammy Enjoy a Winter Picnic Somewhere in Canada

sammy band winter picnic

MMMMM, donuts… tea and expounding…  What more can one ask for in an outing, other than sunshine, warmth and green grass?  Oh well!  Maybe in July.  Passing through Toronto, Sammy managed to squeeze in a photoshoot with the talanted and imaginary Teri Quinn.

Actually, I meant imaginative! Artist and photographer T. Quinn, who is known primarily for landscapes, agreed to shoot us as long as we just inserted ourselves into a scene she was already pointed at.  A few (dozen) donuts and a story later and we left feeling full of sugar and good intentions.   We crashed an hour later and had to sleep them off.

Winter picnic advice:


  • hot water, tea and coffee
  • protein !
  • checkered blanket or water proof tablecloth
  • change of clothes for your wet ass
  • climbing gear


  • your cat
  • your computer
  • a sarcastic photographer
  • anyone, really


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