Weathering the Storm

As the sky darkened and the wind wound up to blow we loaded up the pathfinder to make our way to The Dunk. Luckily we had Garmin along for the ride as I am unsure if we would have been successful in finding this little gem of a venue without her. Down bumpy roads and winding turns our fateful GPS unit told us where to go. As we approached the cabin turned music venue we spotted our opening act Connie Saulnier on the side of the highway so we knew that we needed to stop to help her get her car started, or that we have arrived. Luckily it was the latter as the snow had just begun to fall and the wind was picking up.

We loaded our gear and wares into the cabin and set up for a cozy cottage show. Connie’s set was melodic and thought provoking. It also included a quirky little number that included a Jaw Harp solo that was dedicated to her father.

As we broke into our set mother nature also was singing her own song with a variety of instruments which included slush, snow, ice and wind.

I thought jamming with the storm felt like being a part of one of earths great symphonies. What a great way to spend an evening. Well until the drive home. lol

After thanking our host Hal and saying our farewells to all the folks who weathered the storm to get here (and now home) we loaded up once again and endured the drive back to Charlottetown.

It felt like we were in the first Star Wars movie. I was Hans Solo taking the Millennium Falcon into hyper drive except we were not going anywhere near light speed.

We made it back without incident and are today quite happy our next show is on Thursday, thus giving Mother Nature a few days to calm down.


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